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Policy and Program Support

At Anwaatin we know that treaty rights and stewardship of Traditional Territories must be understood, documented, asserted and respected. 

Indigenous peoples are on the frontlines of climate change, experiencing dramatic shifts.   Anwaatin supports climate change action, resiliency and energy projects concerning Indigenous Nations at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal level. We work to build collaborative and strategic partnerships that help position Indigenous communities as stewardship warriors in taking action on climate change in their Traditional Territories and beyond. 

Resiliency Services

Anwaatin is working with community leaders to strengthen biodiversity and resilience in the face of climate change.  We put in place the key factors to promote strong built and natural resource infrastructure to mitigate the impacts of climate change.  We are making sure that communities have plans and strategies in place to deal with the impacts of climate change on natural resources, infrastructure, communities and families.

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Partnerships and Teams

Anwaatin enables partnerships by: 

  • Acting as an advocate on behalf of our client communities to all levels of government- Federal, Provincial, and Municipal 

  • Providing critical input and feedback to policymakers at the provincial and federal levels that enable policies and decisions to be inclusive of indigenous rights and interests 

  • Facilitating meetings that bring together diverse actors in the climate change action space that bring unique skills, assets, and perspectives that enable collaborative planning and policy processes to emerge

  • Brokering agreements between key actors in the system to position Indigenous communities as the leaders of climate action within their Traditional Territories 


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