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Our Team

Larry Sault - President & CEO

Larry Sault brings over 25 years of Indigenous leadership experience working with First Nations and Inuit of Canada, American Indian Tribes, Aborigines of Australia and Maori of New Zealand. 

Above and beyond his political life he has held executive level positions in both private sector and non-profit organizations. He was Chairman of a national task force on Access to Capital for First Nations working with the big five banks, corporations and governments to resolve shortfalls in capital for infrastructure development at the community level. 

Don Richardson, Ph.D. - Senior Technical Advisor

Don Richardson has over 25 years experience as a skilled facilitator capable of building agreements between project proponents, community/non-governmental organizations, government agencies and Aboriginal communities. He fosters constructive engagement to create “shared value” between communities and infrastructure / resource extraction projects and operations. He has extensive global experience with environmental assessments, communications, socio-economics and enhancing community well-being.

Mary-Kate Craig

Mary-Kate Craig is a consultant, entrepreneur and community builder whose work is related to climate change action and the transition to low carbon living.  Mary-Kate is involved in numerous grassroots resilience projects at a community level as well as the creation of social impact organizations that use the power of business to create change in systems.  She has an understanding of the science behind projects, along with a clear ability to communicate.  She is enrolled in a Ph.D in the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics at the University of Guelph investigating the Indigenous-led Natural Climate Solutions .  She has helped to form the Restore, Assert, Defend (RAD) Network and currently serves as part of the Operations Group. 

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