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Indigenous-led Conservation Economy

Indigenous Peoples in Canada are reasserting sovereignty and leading renewed claims to traditional lands and the right to use these resources. Indigenous-led conservation combined with nature based solutions projects can represent an ecological and economic opportunity for Indigenous Peoples through stewardship activities aligned with their community aspirations.  

Existing and emerging markets are coming forwards through carbon, ecosystem services and biodiversity credits. There is an opportunity for Indigenous Peoples in Canada to use market participation as a way to create wealth through stewardship and assert jurisdiction over their lands.  

Policy and Program Support

At Anwaatin we know that treaty rights and stewardship of Traditional Territories must be understood, documented, asserted and respected. 

Indigenous peoples are on the frontlines of climate change, experiencing dramatic shifts.   Anwaatin supports climate change action, resiliency and energy projects concerning Indigenous Nations at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal level. We work to build collaborative and strategic partnerships that help position Indigenous communities as stewardship warriors in taking action on climate change in their Traditional Territories and beyond. 

 "First Steps" 

In order to participate in these markets and realize the value of stewardship activities to generate revenues Indigenous communities must have a clear strategy to understand the scope of the opportunity.   


This is done by completing a "First Steps" feasibility study which allows communities to be proactive in their readiness so that they are well positioned and leading the way.  Anwaatin provides services and creates the team to determine exisiting and potential scenarios through:  

  • Socio economic analysis

  • Carbon potential and measurement

  • Biodiversity values 

  • Traditional ecological knowledge studies

  • Land relationship planning

"Cut the Trail" 

Once the "First Steps" is complete Anwaatin can help you "Cut the Trail" by defining the path towards realizing the opportunity.  We can help you translate the vision for your territory into something that has economic potential in the way that aligns with your communities values.  

The Cut the Trail portion will conduct detailed inventories and assessments using multiple and historic geospatial data sources and satellite imagery, quantitative ranking  and specific steps required to verify, certify and sell 

With the right positioning private and public sector partnerships Anwaatin can support the transformation of territorial stewardship activities into revenue through Indigenous-led Conservation combined with Nature Based Solutions Options. 

 Anwaatin provides initial scoping support within and around the territory.  This First Steps Feasibility Report uses existing data sources, mapping, key knowledge holder interviews that set up the path to creating desired outcomes. 

Resiliency Services

Anwaatin is working with community leaders to strengthen biodiversity and resilience in the face of climate change.  We put in place the key factors to promote strong built and natural resource infrastructure to mitigate the impacts of climate change.  We are making sure that communities have plans and strategies in place to deal with the impacts of climate change on natural resources, infrastructure, communities and families.

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Anwaatin enables partnerships by: 

  • Acting as an advocate on behalf of our client communities to all levels of government- Federal, Provincial, and Municipal 

  • Providing critical input and feedback to policymakers at the provincial and federal levels that enable policies and decisions to be inclusive of indigenous rights and interests 

  • Facilitating meetings that bring together diverse actors in the climate change action space that bring unique skills, assets, and perspectives that enable collaborative planning and policy processes to emerge

  • Brokering agreements between key actors in the system to position Indigenous communities as the leaders of climate action within their Traditional Territories 


Partnerships and Teams

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